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safer cycling prototypes: the seil bag, designed by lee myung su, allows cyclists to more effectively signal to cars without taking a hand off the handlebars; and the light lane, which creates a conspicuously visual reminder that drivers share the road. (uh, and that guy should be wearing a helmet)

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Nujabes ft. Substantial,
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Subterranean Museum | Via

What was once an enormous salt mine in turda, romania, has now been carefully renovated by the regional cluj county council into the world’s first salt mining history museum. the salina turda salt mines were excavated in the 17th century, proving a crucial source for salt that brought the romans much wealth. today, the durgau lakes at the mine’s surface – responsible for much of the salt deposits in the area – are popular tourist attractions that guarantee a steady flow of visitors all year around. a trip down the vertical shafts that once transported thousands of tons of salt will slowly reveal the immense scale of the excavated earth, made blatantly clear upon reaching the very bottom of the mine which is covered in a sand-like layer of salt.

Almost borrowing a certain aesthetic from the deep sea, the bottom of the mine features almost alien structures made of timber members and illuminated with suspended tube lights. the interior maintains a steady 11-12 degrees celsius and 80 percent humidity, completely devoid of any allergens and an almost absence of any bacteria, making the unique micro-climate a destination for those suffering from allergic respiratory diseases.

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Stevie Wonder,
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Stevie Wonder You’ve Got It Bad Girl

Joe - All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)